Remote support

Do you have a software issue on your laptop, MacBook, PC or Mac and don’t want the hassle of taking your computer to a repair shop? We can help fix your software issues remotely. We use Zoho Assist secure remote support software.

Our remote computer support service allows us to fix your computer problems remotely without the need for an engineer call-out. It’s safe and secure and environmentally friendly. To use our remote support service, you must have a working internet connection and be able to fully boot to your Windows or Mac desktop.

We can help with any software issue including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • WordPress
  • Email setup & configuration
  • Passwords
  • Virus, spyware & malware removal
  • Driver installations
  • Health checks
  • File sharing
  • TCP/IP
  • Connection issues
  • VPN setup
  • Smart assistant setup
  • Google account setup
  • Google Calendar
  • Social media setup
  • Website backend issues
  • HTML support
  • DNS installation & management
  • VOIP
  • LANs/WANs
  • Crypto & Blockchain

Our cost for the first hour of remote support is just £50 and £25 per half hour thereafter.

Most remote support jobs are completed within the first hour.

Send us a quick message with the software issues you are having and let’s see if we can help you.

    How does it work?

    • Please book an appointment to schedule your remote support session here:
    • We will contact you by phone at the time of your booking to start your remote support session.
    • Enter the session ID we will provide you with in the box below.
    • Follow the instruction on the Remote Session web page to download the remote access application.
    • With your permission, you will grant us access to your desktop. Don’t worry! You will see everything that we do!
    • We can be on a phone call or a WhatsApp video call with you to ease any potential doubts.
    • You watch as we fix your PC, Mac, MacBook or laptop remotely! Easy!
    • When we have resolved your software issue, the technician will end the session.

    Remember: We won’t be able to reconnect to your computer without your prior permission.